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The 9th CCD is going GREEN!

The 9th CCD mobile app is now available to download! IMPORTANT: Conference materials will NOT be printed. For access to all conference material, you must download the app.

All information for the event can now be accessed via our new mobile app! Registrants will need to download the app to access this year’s material such as presentation documents, and daily agendas. Speaker biographies, session synopsis, learning objectives, poster titles and numbers will also be included in the app. You will receive a small agenda document onsite when you pick up your nametag.

This is not the same app that was used for the 8th CCD. You will have to download a new app for this year's content.


This interactive app will allow you to:

  • View the complete event schedule, explore all of the offered sessions, and get detailed presenter information
  • Access presentation information and slides (where provided by the speaker)
  • Receive announcements and obtain the most up-to-date event information
  • Evaluate your selected speakers using in-app surveys
  • Ask speakers a question (available only for sessions held in the main room)
  • Expand your professional network and have fun by interacting with other attendees in the app.

To download the app click the button that matches to your device, follow the instructions and enter password when prompted to do so (password provided via email upon completed/paid registration):

For Android and BlackBerry users:

  • BlackBerry users must be running OS system version 10.2.1 or later
  • This app can be used offline with content from the most recent time you were online with the app.

For iOS users:

  • This app can be used offline with content from the most recent time you were online with the app.

For Blackberry, Windows and other devices (laptops, desktops):

  • Visit: 
  • This app version cannot be accessed offline. You must be connected to the internet to use this version. Content will not be available offline unless you download it to your device
  • NOTE: You will have to click on this link each time you want to view the app, or bookmark it accordingly. For these users, the app will function as a website as opposed to a smart phone app. It will not appear as an app on your Blackberry/Windows device and/or your laptop computer. Blackberry and Windows users will view the app in their web browser.

Please feel free to use the time leading up to the conference to explore the app.

IMPORTANT: Selecting sessions in the app does NOT register you for the session. All official session registrations are based on what you selected during the online registration process and can be found in your confirmation email, receipt and the back of your nametag.

Should you have any difficulty accessing the app or have questions about it, please feel free to email

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